Acryl-R 5430 10.1oz Cartridge 2016-04-11 [MOCKUP]

Acryl-R® SM5430 Sealant is a high performance, high solids, non-skinning, non-drying standing seam roof (SSR) and insulated panel sealant based on a unique elastomer that provides a non-stringy consistency and excellent resistance to severe environmental conditions of heat, cold and moisture. Specifically formulated for precise application into concealed panel joints for roll forming lines (standing seam roof panels). It has excellent cut-off characteristics and is not stringy or messy to apply. It is also designed for sealing the warm side of concealed exterior polyurethane foam panels to form a vapor barrier seal. It is formulated without asbestos fillers.


  • Excellent adhesion to oily GALVALUME®, GALVALUME PLUS®, ACRYLUME®, ZINCALUME®, Kynar 500®, aluminum, aluminized steel, polyvinyl fluoride and siliconized polyester painted metal, concrete, FRP and glass
  • Remains permanently soft and tacky
  • Engineered for cold storage (low temperature) applications
  • Sealant will easily engage and transfer to male joint
  • Factory-caulked panels can be erected in the field up to six months after factory caulked
  • Minimal Shrinkage
  • No cracking or loss of adhesion at -60°F
  • Service Temperature Range -60°F to 200°F
  • Application Temperature Range 10°F to 120°F
  • Will resist fungal attack and not support mildew growth
  • Excellent for sealing between dissimilar metals to prevent electrolysis


  • 10.1 oz. Cartridge (30 Cartridges / Case)
  • 20 oz. Sausage (12 Sausages / Case)
  • 5 Gal. Pail
  • 55 Gal. Drum


  • White


  • ASTM E1680 Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E1646, Water Penetration of Exterior
  • Roof Panel Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference, passes no water leakage